Medical Travel Agency in Costa Rica

Who We Are

Costa Rica Medical Travel Agency

Costa Rica Wellness Adventures, S.A. Is a medical tourism agency founded in 2016, with the aim of offering high tech medical services in the following specialties: Orthopedics, laparoscopic abdominal surgery and plastic surgery, this will be performed by doctors of very high prestige and professionalism.

We specialized in medical vacation packages; we will plan everything, starting with your arrival at the airport, food, and different recreation options during your stay in Costa Rica. These medical tours in Costa Rica adjust to the need of each patient so the care given will be customized so that your medical stay in Costa Rica wll become an unique and wonderful experience.

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Our Corporate Values

Distinction in our daily tasks with certainty of improving them each day.


Commitment in the fulfillment of our tasks and ensure high quality in our services offered to clients.

Quick Response

Quick Response and dedication in our tasks; As well as a customer service oriented attitude.


Always provide a respect and objectivity behavior in our travel activities.


Do everything possible so that each service offered is top of the line, by fulfilling and exceeding customer expectations.


Devotion to the company and our clients.

Our Mission

Provide unforgettable medical tours in Costa Rica, that are socially and environmentally friendly, that satisfy the desire of our clients, always exceeding expectations; As well as offering excellence in medical services, with highly qualified professionals and always oriented to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Medical Tourism Travel Agency in Costa Rica

Our Vision

Become an ally for our clients in medical services with high standards of excellence; As well as achieving an excellent quality in travel services in Costa Rica with excellent customer service, always showing our commitment to social and environmental responsibility.