Introduction. When it comes to trust your health abroad, we know how to make your experience both safe and pleasant. In CRWA we're devoted to evolve from service to cozy care and turn clients into lifetime friends.

Acknowledging the importance of your time, our qualified staff has introduced a very practical 8 day visit package encompassing over 20 different medical procedures that will help you to get rid of those long overdue health needs, and at the same time take a glance of the natural wealth present in this, world's recognized country in protecting natural resources.

You might select one of the following medical procedures,

Weight Loss Procedures

  •  Gastric Plication
  •  Liposculpture - Dewlap-Bichat
  •  Liposculpture - Abdominal-Hips

Weight Loss Procedures Details

Dentistry Procedures

  •  Dental Restorative - Resins
  •  Dental Splint
  •  Periodontics - General Cleaning
  •  Periodontics - Deep Cleaning
  •  Periodontics - Dental Shaving-Curettage
  •  Tooth Whitening - Dental Covers
  •  Tooth Whitening - Laser
  •  Endodontics - Root Canal
  •  Endodontics - Endopost plus reconstruction

Dentistry Procedures Details

Orthopedics Procedures

  •  Knee Arthroscopy - Meniscus
  •  Knee Arthroscopy - Cartilage
  •  Knee Arthroscopy - Anterior Cruciate Ligament
  •  Shoulder Arthroscopy- Rotator Cuf
  •  Shoulder Arthroscopy - Dislocation

Orthopedics Procedures Details

Abdominal Procedures

  •  Hernioplasty - Single Inguinal
  •  Hernioplasty- Bilateral Inguinal
  •  Hernioplasty - Abdominal Wall
  •  Cholecystectomy

Abdominal Procedures Details

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

  •  Breast Augmentation
  •  Blepharoplasty plus Facial Rejuvenation
  •  Otoplasty
  •  Rhinoplasty

Cosmectic Surgery Procedures Details

* This travel itinerary may change based on client preferences.

* Our packages do not include air transportation.

one week medical travel to Costa Rica

Travel Itinerary
A CRWA’ staff member will be well identified at the airport to welcome and drive the visitor to the Hotel. A copy of the CRWA’s program, detailing all appointments and activities for the week will be provided to the visitor. Questions will be evacuated.
A CRWA’ staff member will take the visitor to meet the Doctor in charge of the procedure, a general medical history and a full physical exam will be performed, the procedure will be explained in detail and if visitor agrees upon, the informed consent will be signed up. Later that day, visitor will be taken to run the pre-op labs and/or tests ordered.
Visitor will have the opportunity to select among several tour options to make a half day trip guided by CRWA crew.
A CRWA’ staff member will take the visitor from the Hotel to the Hospital and will make the paperwork for admission. If visitor is discharged the same day, the CRWA staff will take visitor back to Hotel and will deliver a copy of all post-procedure medical recommendations and medications prescribed.
For those procedures requiring overnight hospital stay, this is the day of discharge. A CRWA’ staff member will take visitor back to Hotel and will deliver a copy of all post-procedure medical recommendations and medications prescribed.
Visitor will have the chance to do his/her preferred private activity in compliance with medical recommendations.
A CRWA’ staff member will take the visitor to his/her post procedure medical check-up. If everything looks good the patient will have permission to flight back home the next day. If not, another appointment will be scheduled and all the tests or labs ordered will be run before the appointment.
Visitor will have concluded his/her medical tourism experience and will be taken to the Airport by a CRWA crew member.
Please Remember...

Circumstances that may delay the CRWA’s medical tourism 8-day program:

  In/out flight delays

  Identified pre-operatory medical conditions: anticoagulation disorders, hepatic/renal/cardiac failure, diabetic decompensation, etc.

  Surgical re-intervention

  Other unforeseen or atypical situations

8 Day Medical Package to Costa Rica

Why you should consider us?Visit Costa Rica and take care or your Medical Needs

Costa Rica is the longest-most stable democracy in Latin America. Leader of nature preservation and use of clean energies. Costa Rica owns the best health indicators in the region resembling those in industrialized countries. At last, we offer you one of a kind personal relationship that will make you feel home and among best friends.

Qualified Medical Staff

High Medical Care Standards

Hospital Infrastructure

We're ready to take care of you!

Feel Like Home

We're Pura Vida people

Everything in one Place

6% of the world's biodiversity

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