Our Weight Loss Medical Procedures
Weight Loss Medical Procedures in Costa Rica

Gastric Plication

Weight Loss Procedure

 Description.With a laparoscopic intervention, the stomach is reduced to 80 % of its original capacity without cutting any tissue. Folds and stitches will be placed along stomach borders. Expected weight loss: 15 Kg in the first 6 months. Scarless surgery

 Requirements. Body Mass Index lower than 45.0

 Hospital Stay. 01 Night

Weight Loss Medical Procedures in Costa Rica

Liposculpture (Slim – Smart)

Weight Loss Procedure

 Description.Dewlap-Bichat it is a minor liposuction aimed to remove the fat glands of the cheeks responsible for face growth, it also works extracting fat deposits from dewlap. On the other hand, Abdominal Hips it is a procedure that permits the removal of up to 4 litters of fat from the abdominal-hip area in a session..

 Requirements. Basic lab work

 Hospital stay Ambulatory stay

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